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Ocean Road Cancer Institute

The Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) is located along the Indian Ocean about 200 meters from the beach. This health facility is one of the oldest health institutions in Tanzania having been founded in 1895 by the German colonial government. At its inception, the hospital catered for German community and after 1st World War the British Colonial government adopted a policy that concentrated on provision of medical services for the European communities. After independence in 1961, the hospital was re-named the Ocean Road Hospital, catering for all races and operated as a maternity wing of the Muhimbili Medical Centre. In 1980, a decision was made by the Ministry of Health to make Ocean Road Hospital the hub for cancer services, whereby the Radiotherapy Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dar es Salaam was shifted from Muhimbili Medical Centre to the Ocean Road Hospital to give room for expansion. During the period between 1980 to mid 1996, deliberate efforts were made to upgrade the Radiotherapy Unit to a comprehensive Cancer Institute. In June 1996, by an Act No. 2 of Parliament, Ocean Road Hospital was made an independent autonomous institute directly under the Ministry of Health and its name changed to Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI). The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director are appointed by the President of the united Republic of Tanzania.The main source of funding is from the Government of Tanzania. The institute also receives assistance from International organizations such ..... ReadMore

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Our Mission

To provide equitable, accessible, affordable and high quality services for early detection and cancer care to the public through prevention, research, education and treatment using modern technology and dedicated staff.

Our Vision

To become a centre with national, regional and international reputation for excellence in cancer control.
Developing human resource capacity and management systems for cancer control in Tanzania

Strategic Objectivies

Reduce incidence of cancer by increasing cancer awareness initiatives to various communities in the country.
Reduce incidence and mortality of cancer by installation of the most efficient and effective cancer screening and early detection programs in the country.
Improving infrastructure for cancer management at the National Cancer Institute, ORCI.
Improving quality of life for those living with, recovering from or dying from cancer by an effective palliative care program.
Developing human resource capacity and management system for cancer control in Tanzania.
Improving cancer research, registration, training, education and information dissemination in cancer management.
Transformation and strengthening of ORCI as National Cancer Institute.
Improving cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Functions of ORCI

To control and manage the institute and assume responsibility for control and management of such hospitals or health facilities as may be vested in the institute by order published in the official gazette.
To provide medical care to inpatients and outpatients affected with cancer and other diseases in accordance to medical ethics.
To stimulate and promote programs of education on health and particularly on cancer.
To conduct training programs.
To provide consultancy services
To perform research activities with or without association with person or institutions inside or outside Tanzania.
To do any act for the purpose of achieving any of the above functions.

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  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania